Land of swords and dragons

Business-oriented developers

There were a lot of situations I couldn’t move forward with my work. It was very annoying for me, my team, and PM bombarded by questions over and over. In such a case, frustration grows and then usually people decide to improve documentation, create some processes, etc. It’s good but developers are spending more and more time on formal things like filling forms and updating these documents. In such an environment income is getting smaller and introducing new employees is more difficult at some point. I want to show you that there is another way to deal with knowledge sharing.

Wrong questions

People say that there are no wrong questions. Questions in general are okay, but we can easily limit them. We just have to jump into the business, with understand the specific cases and what should increase value and so one. Therefore, I believe that there are unnecessary questions and they are wrong.

How to limit questions?

So, It’d be nice to limit these frequently asked ones that can be described on some kind of wiki, but it’s not the solution. Imagine that every decision you made during project life is in your heads. Is that okay? For now, temporarily yes, but what happens when you switch to the maintenance of that project and development of a new one?

Usually, software developers are treated like factory workers. That’s how business people often think about them because they have ideas and developers are a means to achieve goals - this approach is a mistake. Instead of it, the business should treat them as partners. Programmers are also business people, or at least should be. In this case, they can answer questions by themselves! Isn’t it amazing?

Software<->Business covenant

Covenant is mandatory to achieve success. Maybe not exactly covenant but some kind of change of mindset.

Both - programmers and business think that the goal is to write software. Well! It’s not! It’s all about solving problems, extending a business, and giving new features for customers. That’s the goal, that’s the value.

Imagine that we live in the land of swords and dragons. I believe you remember this kind of story. What do you think? Who programmers would be in this context? Farmers? Warriors? They’d be magicians! The creative power of their minds could solve a lot of problems. The good ones always advise the king and together can defeat the dragon!

But why together? Because the king knows best what peasants need, how much gold is stored at his treasury, that another king prepares an army near the border. On the other hand, magicians know best what’s possible to do with really rare ingredients and which ones they need to help.

So… dear magicians, lords, and kings. Live at peace with dragons defeated together!