Estimations; or why business want you to guess

Have you encountered a situation where your estimates were wrong? When the deadline was too early, or maybe that’s why your project turned out to be a big flop? Because knowing that you will not make it in time, you allowed yourself to reduce the quality? There is a straightforward way to make your estimates correct, actually at the moment. My short story about estimations When a new, experienced developer joined my old team, he was asked to write a small project from scratch.

Blameless programming

Blameless programming Everyone makes mistakes It’s true. Even robots can make a mistake. So if you think differently please leave a comment below why not - it’ll be interesting. So, if we agreed that it’s true, then why we’re getting angry when someone did it? Often boss or management is raging because of that. They looking for a guilty person, blaming them. It’s stressful, isn’t it? After that, all company knows about developer mistakes - how this developer feel, what he think?

Remote work should be asynchronous

My thoughts after Arkency - Async/Remote book Scrum is dead. Really. I think that we just should focus on giving value without these stupid ceremonies. Of course, we can make daily, demos, etc. BUT - is it always needed? Maybe it can be asynchronous? Everything should! In creating some processes or company standards we should think about asynchronous processing of them. I want to present only a few concepts here from mentioned book transformed by my mind.

Land of swords and dragons

Business-oriented developers There were a lot of situations I couldn’t move forward with my work. It was very annoying for me, my team, and PM bombarded by questions over and over. In such a case, frustration grows and then usually people decide to improve documentation, create some processes, etc. It’s good but developers are spending more and more time on formal things like filling forms and updating these documents. In such an environment income is getting smaller and introducing new employees is more difficult at some point.